Project Manager David Christoffersen Copenhagen


Rasmus Meinecke
Sales manager - Speednames A/S
"I had the pleasure of working with David in Speednames from 2005 - 2008. David is a skillful and dedicated person, who does quality work, and inspires quality work in his colleagues. A person with a constructive critical sense, that works to optimize structures and processes for the advantage of the customers. I hereby give David Christoffersen my best recommendations
Sincerely Rasmus Meineke"
Clarissa Hu-Andersen
Team leder - Speednames A/S
"I have worked with David for 3 years at Group NBT. During these 3 years he has shown nothing but hard work and dedication in his role, and often stepping outside of working hours to take on a case which comes up after hours. He takes a keen interest in his job and endeavors to get the job thoroughly completed. His earnest nature leads him to take on additional research on his own time, strongly demonstrating his eagerness for self improvement. He is very service minded, professional and has a great rapport with clients. His day is always busy but he always tries to be helpful to others when asked. He was a valuable member in my team and I can always count on him. He is is an intelligent young man who has good humour, kindness, compassion and is really great working with. He is loyal and an asset to any company. I would welcome the chance to work with him again"

Jennifer Hayes
Registry Relations Consultant - NetNames plc
"I have worked with David for the past 3 years and have always been impressed with his commitment to his customers. David relies on my department for information, pricing and system setup. He has always addressed me in a very professional, courteous manner when making his requests. Even in times of great stress and urgency, his calm demeanor and good humor shine through, which creates a positive and productive working relationship for all. It is a rare sight indeed to see him without a smile on his face."
Marianne Soerensen
Software Tester - Speednames A/S
"I have had the pleasure of working with David when he first joined GroupNBT. He picked up the systems and daily tasks very fast and was able to contribute as a member of the team in record time. David showed initiative and a drive that impressed us all. He responds to stress with good humor and hard work and is a real asset to any team."
David Christoffersen 2012