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Welcome to the Playground

This part of the website is dedicated to playing around

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A short overview


The blog will be my way of journaling what I am currently up to, or leasons I have recently learned. I will not be updating it frequently.


In general, it is very hard to find the time for reading everything you want to. That is why I am making this list. Partly to help you out by writting a small summary of books. This will hopefully give you some inspiration. Of course I am also hoping to receive a ton of recommendations. Send me a recommendation right now


I am always reading up on different coding languages. I like to be able to understand the core concepts when I am dealing with developers, so that we are able to understand each other better. I will try and post some useful things here. Things I could have used when I started out reading dummies books.

Links and helpful suggestions

I recently changed computers, and decided to clean up in my collection of links. Hopefully this library will make it easier to manage. Feel free to send me links for inclusion

Why the Shameless self promotion?

as you can read on my blog I am currently playing around with SEO, and like most other things, I like to try for myself. I am therefore optimizing the different pages according to different keywords, and monitoring the outcome on google This means a few arkward phrases like Experienced Project Manager and frequent changes to font and html tags behind the scenes.
Do you have an SEO advice ? Let me know
If used, I will return the favor with a link

While you are here anyway, please dont forget to check out my Resume. I am an Experienced Project manager, with more then 4 years of experienced from the IT industry in Copenhagen Check out my Resume here

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