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SEO help for webmasters

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Useful links and tips for webmasters

For help on making a website visit this helpful guide

Meta Tag Retreiver

This tool is used for retreiving the META tags for a site. I use this when I need to check if META TAGS and text are coherent and optimized.

See your website like a spider

Wondering how the search engine bots see your site?
Is your page full of flash, pictures, and browser side scripting ? use this tool to see your page through the eyes of a spider.

Totally usefull google commands for SEO

Google has a couple of cool search features enabled
Check backlinks or how your site is indexed by google (if at all). Find similar pages, and more.

Domain names can rock or suck

A good name is rather to be chosen than riches, or in this case, a good name can lead to riches.
I have tried to sumarize a few pointers on this page.

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