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I am an Experienced Project Manager from Copenhagen

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This website is really just a test site. I am very interested in web technologies, and use this site for testing out new things. Don't forget to let me know what you are playing around with at the moment, using the contact form

While you are here anyway, dont forget to check out my Resume. I am an Experienced Project manager, with more then 4 years of experienced from the IT industry in Copenhagen Check out my Resume here

I work as a project manager in an online/ digital brand protection company, and I am currently building a small site with useful links.

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This page contains helpful ressources within SEO, Domain Names, etc.

Why the Shameless self promotion? as you can read on my blog I am currently playing around with SEO, and like most other things, I like to try for myself. I am therefore optimizing the different pages according to different keywords, and monitoring the outcome on google This means a few arkward phrases like Experienced Project Manager b> and frequent changes to font and html tags behind the scenes.
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