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Getting started

Setting up a website - 1

Choosing the layout of the site was just the first obstacle for a non-designer. It had to be simple, with nothing fancy about the coding in itself. Plain HTML and CSS. The menu had to be CSS only, to allow for content of the menu to be indexed, allowing bots to index as much of the site as possible. The design was done by a work-for-hire photoshopper, since everyone I know who does graphical design where really busy. if you are having problems finding someone to do specific tasks for you, try the link section.

Setting up a website - 2

Being used to working, and not working well, with frames, it took some googling to get into the idea behind CSS, but eventually I had the structure I wanted. Now that the structure was ready, it was time to add content. unfortunately, I choose to put it live, way too fast. While still adding content. This is usually not a problem since developers usually put it live on obscure subdomains that will never be indexed by the searchbots. However I put it up straight on the domain. After adding the first page, I eventually checked to see what google had indexed of my site from prior websites. google now had indexed the content from my older sites, and how do I change that?

Setting up a website - 3

enter the google webmaster administration tool...
Using this tool, you can get google to re-index your site when you have made major changes. Awsome, right? the only thing I will stress when signing up for the webmaster tool is

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